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We believe that no matter the specific circumstances of an individual, improving one’s quality of life can always be an aspiration.

Pet dog owners deserve the same consideration as anyone else looking for canine assistance. Together, we can explore how your canine pal can learn a sense of purpose beyond just providing companionship. As for your dog’s behavioral mayhem, we’ll show you how to shake off discouragement, embarrassment, and self-doubt.

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Need help with Skills Training? Or maybe Behavioral and Trick Training? Skilled Mutts has got you covered!

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Watch first hand how Skilled Mutts can train your dog to be the functional friend you look to for support.

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“I inquired about Andrea’s private dog training classes and am ever so pleased that I did. My dog is an 11-month-old pit bull and has been so responsive to all that he has learned. Andrea used a training method that made both myself and my dog very comfortable. If you want your dog to be a wonderful, well-trained lifelong companion, please make Andrea with Skilled Mutts your first choice.”

– Jessica C.


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